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Implementing lazy load with woocommerce product archives via Lozad.js

Improve the page speed of your web shop via enabling lazy loading width Lozad.js for all product images of Woocommerce archive pages and included shortcodes. The items will only be loaded when they are entering the viewport.

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How to Disable the Theme and Plugin Editor in WordPress

The backend of WordPress provides by default an editor for your themes and plugins. This allows the user to edit the source-code of the theme and plugin files directly through the admin panel. As this can be a great feature to add quick changes to the code it also can be very dangerous. You can find the Editors in the Submenu of “Appearance” and “Plugins”. Hiding the Editors There are…

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Enabling Rich Snippets (Structured Data) for your Website

Adding structured data to your website will have an significant impact on the visibility of your sites in search engines like Google. The algorithms of search engines are developing fast, and the understanding of the content of a website is becoming better every day. Nevertheless, adding rich snippets to your code will assure a better processing and results in higher rankings.

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Custom WordPress Login Page Logo and URL

Branding is everything! When you develop a theme it is a pretty nice option to customise the standard login page of Wordpress with your own logo and add a custom url to it. The following function changes the standard login page image, the url and the hover text of the image/logo.

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Google Maps with a Simple Marker & Address Geocoding

Embedding Google Maps via iFrame is pretty simple. You search for an address on and then get the iFrame-Code to add it to your site. Unfortunately there is no possibility to personalise the map or to hand over the location values dynamically as an address. If you want to have more freedom in terms of appearance and using the same code for different pages with different locations you have…

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Simple Slider with Advanced Custom Fields and OWL Carousel

A lot of websites have a image slider. Most of the time there is just a simple slide effect required and it is not necessary to use a huge JavaScript library like the Revolution Slider or the WooSlider. We have been using the OWL Carousel for several different web-projects and we are very happy with the simple integration and the features it provides. Together with Advanced Custom Fields and the…

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Hamburger Drop-down with CSS and JavaScript for Multi-Level Menus – Part 2

A few weeks ago we published a blog post how to create a SIMPLE HAMBURGER DROP-DOWN MENU WITH CSS AND JQUERY. There was a request to extend it for multi-level menus and so here we go: There are several different methods to solve multi-level drop-down menus. The challenge is to develop it for touch devices as there is basically no hover function. After a short research we decided to split…

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Simple Hamburger Drop-down Menu with CSS and JQuery – Part 1

I know there are thousand of tutorials about how to create a Hamburger drop-down menu in the web, but I have never been really happy with all the described ones. JQuery allows you to create a toggle function with just a few lines of code that adds and removes css classes and actually you do not need more.

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Simple dynamic JQuery Accordion with Advanced Custom Fields

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a dynamic accordion using the WordPress Plugin “Advanced Custom Fields” and its Add-On “Flexible Content Field“. We are going to use the “Simple JQuery Accordion” of  CSS-Tricks as a base and adapt it to our needs. You find an example of a FAQ Page with this accordion here. First you have to create a Flexible Content Field including…

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Gegen Festplattenabgabe One-Pager

Together with the association “Plattform für ein modernes Urheberrecht” INTERNETKULTUR developed a concept for a one-pager activating Austrians to protest against the envisaged new tax on data storage mediums. The protest website “” informs with a full screen slider and short information blocks about the possible more costs, followed by a activating protest block with the ability to post your opportunity on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Additionally people can send a…

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