Gegen Festplattenabgabe One-Pager


June 1, 2014

Together with the association “Plattform für ein modernes Urheberrecht” INTERNETKULTUR developed a concept for a one-pager activating Austrians to protest against the envisaged new tax on data storage mediums. The protest website “” informs with a full screen slider and short information blocks about the possible more costs, followed by a activating protest block with the ability to post your opportunity on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Additionally people can send a SMS to the free number 0800-100 22 070. All SMS and posts are sourced with “” via the hashtag #festplattenabgabe that is integrated via iFrame into the site. - One-pager
A major news- and social-media-campaign in the whole country and information posters in the biggest electronic and mobile-phone stores at the start of the website pushed the number of protest posts quickly to a high number. If you would like to participate, just visit the website or send a SMS to 0800-100 22 070.

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